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宇鄉燕 Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest

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Yu Xiang Yan is a leading international brand in premium-grade bird’s nest with decade-long experience and expertise. As a comprehensive entity with state-of-the-art swiftlet nesting houses and factories in Indonesia, Malaysia and China, Yu Xiang Yan manages all processes from harvesting, production, packaging to sales and after-sale services to ensure only natural and authentic bird’s nests of highest quality are offered to its customers.

Missioned to promote ancient Oriental wisdom and treasures to benefit modern society and generations to come, Yu Xiang Yan devotes itself to innovating traditional ways of bird’s nest marketing and bird’s nest consumption.

Yu Xiang Yan takes pride in being the market leader in Freshly Cooked Bird’s nest in Singapore.

1. Selection of premium natural and pure bird’s nest.

2. Freshly stewed bird’s nest to be served warm upon delivery.

3. A collection of TCM-inspired recipes to promote your health and beauty.

4. Specially-made ceramic bowl packed in YXY signature packaging box and insulated bag that keeps bird’s nest warm and fresh.

5. On-demand expedite delivery from late morning to night and weekends and public holiday inclusive to best meet customer needs

6. Most desirable gift for various important occasions such as Birthday, Speedy Recovery, Newborn, Confinement and for your most loved ones.

Yu Xiang Yan believes that the best way of showing your love is by giving your loved one a bowl of freshly-cooked bird’s nest that nourishes their body, mind and soul.

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